Seattle Tango Tryst

Seattle Tango Tryst

Seattle, WA, USA


Robin Thomas
Jun Yi
Vincent Llama
Alyssa Jernigan
Dance down the rabbit hole and escape to Wonderland. Four evocative milongas, one exclusive rooftop party, an enchanting venue, and more unexpected surprises await. The party’s in Seattle this July!

$115 – early bird presale, Apr 1 – May 31
$150 – prices go up June 1

Registration is via PayPal or Venmo, and full instructions and info can be found on the Facebook event page, here:
Seattle Tango Tryst 2023: Tango in Wonderland | Facebook
Friday, 28 July
9pm to 2am - Milonga
White Rabbit’s White Party
DJ: Jun Yi (San Diego)
Opening the party in the nick of time, White Rabbit invites you to enter Wonderland. Clocks, slight panic, ruffles, vests, and top hats. Wear white, and dress to impress!
Saturday, 29 July
2pm to 6pm - Afternoon Social
Rooftop penthouse party with music, drinks, yummy eats, and dramatic views of the Seattle skyline! Wear what feels good depending on the weather - pack pretty layers! This is not a milonga, but if dancing breaks out, we won’t stop you. This event gives our friends from all over a chance to meet each other and catch up.
*This is held at a private residence. We’ll email registered attendees the address.

9pm-3am Milonga
Queen of Hearts’ Ball
DJ: Robin Graeme Thomas (NYC)
The elegance! The exuberance! The fear! Anything can happen in the Queen of Hearts’ court - just don’t lose your head. Dress to please Her Majesty, paint the roses red, and prepare to enjoy the magic of the court.
Sunday, 30 July
2pm to 6pm - Matinee Milonga
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
DJ: Vincent Llama (Vancouver, BC)
He makes hats and is slowly being poisoned by the ingredients of his craft. No worries though, it’s just a tea party! Haha! What could possibly go wrong at a tea party? Do wear your Sunday Best though dear, just in case. Tea dresses, seersucker, dainty gloves, garden party suits, fascinators…oh and hats of course!

9pm to 2am - Milonga
Caterpillar’s Psychedelic Forest Soiree (traditional/alternative mix)
DJ: Alyssa Jernigan (Portland, OR)
Mysterious smoke drifts through the trees. Do the colors seem more vibrant to you? Are we getting bigger? Or smaller? I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’m glad it’s happening with you. Anything is possible when beauty and potency are at their apex in Caterpillar’s forest. Let’s dance.

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